“I never gave eating healthy much thought. I lived off of fast food and soda due to my busy lifestyle. I began to feel worse as time went on, I never had much energy and I always had alot of stomach pains. I drove by a Fitlife foods store one day and thought it sounded interesting, I had never heard of them before. The first meal I ever tried was the Tampa Bay BBQ. It was sooooo delicious!!! And I don't even think they added any salt or anything bad, it tasted all natural, and I felt energized after I ate it.

My next meal 2 days later was the turkey meatloaf, that was delicious, too! I tell ya, ever since starting my fitlife diet I have had so much energy, my skin is looking alot clearer, my acne cleared up, and I don't feel groggy a little while after eating a fitlife meal. Thank you so much for doing what you guys do best there at Fitlife foods, you guys are awesome and I hope to see you around for many many years to come! ”

“My story is a bit different in that it has helped both me and my mother. My mom is in her 70s and has mobility issues as well as other health conditions including diabetes (caused by her meds) and high cholesterol. To ensure she ate meals that were healty and nutritionally balanced, I used to spend all weekend cooking, packaging and freezing meals for her to thaw and microwave during the week. Then I found FitLife.

Not only are the meals easily prepared by my mom in her microwave, but they are tasty and take the guesswork out of ensuring she’s getting proper nutrition. And they save me a ton of cooking time on the weekends while giving me peace of mind that she's getting good, healthy food. Her home health nurse has encouraged her to continue eating the meals based on the progress my mom is showing in regulating her blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Mom recently committed to the 30-day plan so she can enjoy the volume discounts and she's always eager to try the latest thing on the menu! FitLife really makes a positive difference in both of our lives, and we're so glad you came to St Pete! ”

“I work really long hours and take classes at night. In addition my wife is a director at a major corporation which is a huge time commitment even without the required travel.

On a Saturday in March of this year I was crammed in my home office working on a paper due the next day. My wife asked me if I wanted some chili. I normally am not a big chili fan but I hadn’t looked up from my computer in like ten hours much less eaten so I said yes.

She brought me a small cup of chili and I ignored it for a couple of minutes. I took a couple of bites without thinking about it and noticed that it was pretty damn good. I asked her to bring me some more.

She surprised me with her answer, she said she didn’t have anymore. I thought, “Good lord, how much has she eaten?” I mean nobody cooks a small cup of chili right? Had to be a missing pot somewhere. After I called her a glutenous liar... at best, she revealed it was Fitlife chili! I was really surprised.

She happened to be leaving on a trip a couple of days later so my plan was to hit Fitlife and stock up while she was gone since I can’t even toast bread. That decision changed my life.

I discovered the difference between popping a frozen meal in the microwave and popping Fitlife in the microwave. The taste is not even comparable. This was a huge discovery for a couple of different reasons. The first being that I leave very early in the morning for an over hour long commute. I have never been a breakfast eater and this has always led to disaster. McDonald’s, 7-eleven etc. Being able to eat something healthy at 5:45am, that I made at 5:43am gives me the time and strength to drive right past the Fast Food dens of sins.

The second reason and just as crucial has been the ability to pack my cooler and hit the office microwave. I have also never done this prior to Fitlife. This eliminates the midday crash due to Fast Food lunch.

Finally, the cookies. Ah man, the cookies have been a game changer for me. I am a sugar freak. Fitlife cookies help keep me off the candy row.

The result? When I ate that first bite of chili I had stopped checking my weight but the last reading was 235 lbs. Today, I am 197 lbs and falling even though I consistently overindulge on the cookies! Fitlife has finally got me interested in excercise. I pile on the miles cycling on the weekends now and hit Orange Theory three times a week.

Thank you Fitlife, I tell my story to everyone!!!!!!! ”

“Well, when you are a short guy who does not work out often, likes beer and eats a lot of sweet foods, weighing 153 pounds can give you quite a beer belly. I got tired of my 11yr old girl and 14 year old boy saying I looked pregnant.

When you are a single guy with two young kids, it is easy to get sucked into joining the kids when they eat pizza, fast food, donuts and ice cream. Fit Life Foods takes away that temptation as I lost the feeling of being hungry when it was time to feed my kids. With it being so hard to find time to cook, Fit Life foods has allowed me to spend less time at the grocery store and in the kitchen cooking and washing dishes. I have had more time to spend with my kids and after getting more attention, they are doing better in school than ever!

I committed to the Fit Life Foods diet and the regimen of exercise recommended by my Fit Life Wellness Coach. Two months later...

My kids and many of my friends were surprised to see me at a lean and mean 135 pounds after two months on this diet. They no longer believe I am “pregnant.” It feels great to feel lighter and as a result, I can now run faster. Sure, it is awkward that none of my clothes fit me any more, but I am ok with holding my pants up when I go out until I find time to buy a new set of clothes. I actually look forward to the idea of going to the beach now.

Now, I regularly share Fit Life Foods with my daughter, who really enjoys the food and the energy it gives her. I love having breakfast with her. Even my finicky son likes some of the products.

The Fit Life Foods diet gave me a regimen for eating and made me look forward to getting up for a delicious FitLife Foods breakfast in the morning. The food gave me more energy and since being on the diet, I have worked out regularly twice a week in the gym and am confident that by Christmas, I shall be able to bench my own weight. I am in training for a charity 5k run and a hardcourt tennis tournament and believe the high protein diet has helped me maintain more energy than I had previously. The diet made me realize how I had been eating way too large a portions when I eat out or cook at home.

Having an older brother who died of pancreatic cancer, I know how important diet is to one’s health - you must eat right. I have reduced my alcoholic consumption to a couple of drinks a week and thank the Fit Life Foods Wellness Coach for staying on top of me to keep that up. I truly believe my health is now better than it was five years ago! I am happier and more confident as a result! ”

“On July 1, 2013 I forced myself to step on the scale to see what the "damage" was. I had been eating poorly for at least a month and was down about not being able to run and exercise as much as I'd like to due to a knee injury that required surgery about a year ago and has not healed yet.

The scale read 230 - the highest total I’ve ever had. I set a goal to get down to 210 and then see how I felt. I was at the point of having to buy new clothes if something wasn’t done. My diet tactics in the past have been to track calories and restrict my diet, but I could only usually sustain this plan for 30-40 days before I fell back to old habits.

At this point, a family friend recommended fit life foods. I immediately jumped on the idea because it sounded great “on paper”. I started my new diet by having fit life foods for dinner every night, and a couple of lunches in between. I started tracking my calorie intake and limited myself to 2,000 calories per day. I continued with a daily aerobic workout and swim.

The first thing I noticed, and am still amazed by, is the energy and feeling of “fullness” that comes with 350-450 calories of fit life foods. I often times find myself unable to finish the large size portions - significantly less food than a typical fast food order seems like. My energy level and portion control immediately changed for the better once I started with fit life.

Long story short - I absolutely am addicted to fit life and lost 30 pounds in 60 days. Once I got to 200, I felt that stabilizing at this weight is ok with me, but have since lost another 5 pounds.

Due to the weight loss, I’m running again, playing golf with much better body feeling the next day (back used to be extremely sore) and playing tennis, which previously was out due to the knee problem. The weight loss has taken a backpack off my knees and opened up my exercise schedule again.

My favorites are (1)Turkey meatloaf - I could eat this every day (2) Chicken meatballs and (3) Jamaican pork although the return of the City Side Burger ranks right up there. Additionally, I’m actually spending less money on food since I really don’t need too much in addition to my fit life plan and fruit.

Thanks fitlife, I now have a successful game plan for weight management. ”

“Three years and a sixty pound weight loss since the decision to change my life actually did exactly that, I happened past a display table set up near the place I work out every day at the Vinoy. While I usually do not pay much attention to these promotions, something about this caught my eye.

Moments later the Fitlife Foods representative got my ear, and a day or so after that when I cashed in a ticket for a complimentary meal, you got my taste-buds.

Since then I have gone through more than one full card of dinners, and I expect to go through many more. It is pretty common these days to get quality take out food from supermarkets and health food places, but nothing matches what you offer: portion controlled quality food that is already prepared, seasoned and ready to eat after a brief pop into the microwave.

More than once I have heated and served the miso salmon dinner (my fave!) to unsuspecting guests at home. After heating it up and plating the food and serving it with a glass of wine, I have received as many compliments on my cooking skills as I ever did for things I took hours to prepare, and more time to clean up.

For medium sized meals hovering around $10 each, the price only seems high. When you cinsider there is never anything that goes to waste, that the clean up time is next to nothing and that the containers you provide will pay for a free meal once returned, there is no better value anywhere.

Better still, I never have to worry about portion control, calories, carbs or anything else. Leftovers, or worse, pigging out to avoid them is a thing of the past, and Fitlife Foods has become an integral part of my lifestyle. Keep the new stuff coming, stick with what works, and we will all be successful together. ”

“ Being in the military and away from my family the last 5 months, Fitlife Foods has been a huge part of my life. I noticed an improvement in my health and fitness levels while dedicating almost no time to shopping, cooking, and portioning the right amount of food each day for work. This has helped alleviate time for me to dedicate towards spending time on Skype with the family on nights and weekends after work. Because of my 5-6 visits per week, I’m almost positive that almost every employee at the South Tampa location would recognize me! The great staff members at this location, such as Elyse and Catherine, provide top-notch customer service and always offer great advice and friendly conversation.

Because of Fitlife Foods, I noticed positive physical and mental changes. Physically, my waist measurement decreased by 2 inches the last 5 months, which helped me record the highest Physical Fitness Test score in my military career. In fact, in the past I would go on unhealthy diets (sometimes by skipping meals) before my PT tests. This time, I just adjusted my carb intake by eating more of the South Beach Mixed Grills meals, and I noticed a better response from my body. In fact, I have talked with the Health and Wellness Center on base about the benefits of Fitlife, and they now carry your menu and business cards!

Mentally, I realized how to work out “smarter” and not necessarily “harder.” I always enjoyed lifting and going to the gym as my workouts included 1-1.5 hours of lifting followed by 30 minutes of cardio.. 5-6 times per week. Although I could afford spending this much time at the gym while deployed, when at home with my family, it became too hard to juggle work, working out, and spending time with my family while still getting adequate amounts of sleep. Also, it was always hard for me to shed the extra fat around my waist as I ate pretty much whatever I could get my hands on. Since going to Fitlife Foods, I learned more about the specific effects of different foods and macronutrients on the body, which changed my whole mental outlook on working out and eating. In fact, because of eating the right foods at Fitlife, I have been working out less (about 90 minutes less cardio & 135 minutes less weights per week = less wear & tear on my joints) while still shredding fat and noticing muscle “gains.” All in all, I realized that most desired gains do not start at the gym, but rather in the kitchen (or in my case the last 5 months, at Fitlife)!

I plan on taking these lessons back with me when I return to my family in Texas. Thanks Fitlife!

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