Hi my name is Claudia! Before, Fitlife Foods, I was unsure of how to properly manage a healthy eating lifestyle. In the past, I had always looked to fad diets, restrictive eating, and disordered eating patterns without any long-term success. After meeting with Amber S., I learned the importance of consistency, accountability, and most importantly, that healthy eating and exercise is not just an eight-week commitment. Likewise, I also realized what body composition means, which really helped me let go of the meaning behind the number on the scale.

Amber worked with me to adapt my eating behaviors to my activity and lifestyle, while also adjusting my meals accordingly due to my progress. Even though I saw great results (and quickly at that), the biggest transformation for me was internal. As I can view food and exercise in a positive way, while also eating some delicious meals (the Pecan-Crusted Chicken is my favorite). I am still consistent with my healthy eating and maintaining regular exercise by incorporating the tools I learned from Amber. Fitlife Foods has been instrumental in my personal journey of wellness!


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