Our chefs create the awesome meals. Our Wellness Coaches share their guidance. But you make Fitlife a reality by living it. That’s why we’d like to recognize our Success Story Winner — Shawn B. with a complimentary Member Meal Account. Thank you Shawn, and our entire Fitlife Fam for reminding us what Fitlife is all about.

Our Success Story Winner, Shawn B!

 “I have been a part of the Fitlife family going on five months now, and it has honestly been a fantastic journey. In the middle of employment transition to South Florida, I had my mind made up that I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and the first place to start was my nutrition. I discovered Fitlife online, went in and got comprehensive details about meals, delivery, prices, nutritional facts and most importantly a warm welcoming from the staff (Nicole Brooks & Mike are my fav at the Boca location).

From that day on, excluding weekends, I have not eaten another meal from anywhere else! I also lost 20lbs and gained a massive amount of self-confidence in myself. The real magic to Fitlife is the mindset that embeds in you; a consistent, healthy, and fun eating habit mixed with active exercise! Fitlife has made the fit lifestyle cool and convenient for people like myself. I have eaten all of the meals, including the delicious desserts and continue to sculpt my body still the way I imagine.

More importantly, Fitlife is like extended family members you can always count on when you travel place to place. In my employment duties, I travel a lot throughout Florida and ‘oh man,’ I can’t explain to you how great it is to not have to think twice or even more realistic, do a million google searches on “Healthy foods near me.” It gives me so much glory to know that there is a location in almost every corner of Florida and soon enough in all areas throughout the world! I honestly can’t express how much I love Fitlife and how it has transformed me as a person and my lifestyle.

When people ask me what am I eating or where are you going to eat today, I simply tell them my best line yet,

quoteFitlife or no life baby!

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