A Message From Our CEO This Thanksgiving

When you look back over the last 100 years, there are events that define a generation. 

And 2020 is that event for us. In 20, 30 or 50 years, people will ask, "What was it like when coronavirus happened?" Those who lived it may respond with words like unbelievable, once in a generation, tragedy or even shock. And all of them would be true for this year.

As we look back on this year for what it was, I believe it will be important to reframe 2020. In fact, reframing is much more than turning something from a negative into a positive. Or thinking: "let's be grateful for the positive." Although I'd like to do that, I must—we must—take a pause.

If I think about all the things I'm grateful for, I would be diminishing the tragedy that so many experienced this past year. Over 275,000 Americans lost their lives to this tragic pandemic. Jobs and careers have been lost or derailed. Relationships have broken. Countless connections severed. These are real situations for so many and our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered, or is dealing with this right now. We owe a moment to these individuals who need a connection more than ever. Countless people deserve more than an air hug because they need it.

As I think about Thanksgiving and all we have to be grateful for, I also think about the shadow of where this year started and the hope for renewal as a new decade began. But now I reframe.

This won't go away with the snap of a finger. For those who struggle, time and work are needed to heal. However, reframing this feeling can be the kindling of something new. Something different with the potential to be grateful for this year.

Maybe the reframing of COVID-19 is preparing for a pandemic like never before. As the world becomes more populated, connected, and now enduring our first pandemic of the modern era, maybe we now know how to ward off a much scarier threat in the future. Perhaps reframing this pandemic also means understanding that we will not let anything get in the way of our deep-seated desire to connect and be together. As humans, we crave this connection and are willing to fight for it. And we are grateful for the scientists, frontline health care workers and essential workers who keep our country going.

Connection and Gratitude are something we can relate to at Fitlife Foods.

At Fitlife Foods, our core focus is to elevate the everyday. 

We are eternally grateful for our amazing team, who are committed to creating the most unbelievable prepared meals and seeing the power of what they have done for our community in 2020. 

We are grateful for being able to fuel our community with healthy, nourishing foods. For being able to donate meals to Feeding America, local hospitals and first responders. 

We are grateful to our community for sticking with us as a local business during these challenging times—whether through Home Delivery or picking up your FitMeals from any one of our stores. 

Your support allowed us to continue to innovate with an elevated menu and the new Fiitlife Foods online experience so we can be the best for you. We cannot wait to share what is coming in 2021 and are grateful that you made us part of your wellness journey.

Whether you're a busy parent playing the role of a teacher, needed help losing the "COVID-15" or wanted some precious moments back between Zoom meetings, we thank you for choosing Fitlife Foods. You could get your meals from a lot of companies, but we're grateful you chose us. 

We feel privileged that our meals get to play a part of your unique story and elevate your every day.

From our amazing team at our stores, Culinary Center and home office, we uphold our commitment to 100% satisfaction because we value long-term connections.

That is our reframing for 2020. We've all spent much of this year far away from loved ones. So, we are thankful for the opportunity to be connected with you.

We reframe 2020 to see the joy, gratitude and understanding that we would not be connected without our valued and amazing customers. We love what we get to do every day and are privileged to work together as colleagues, friends, siblings and spouses. We feel deeply rooted and connected to one another because of you.

We believe in "Love it 100% or it’s on us" because relationships and connections are rooted in trust. So, this Thanksgiving, we want to say thank you for trusting us and for making Fitlife a part of your life. Whether you work with a Wellness Coach, get Home Delivery (with silly notes from our team that hopefully brighten your day), or just eat our incredible meals because you love them, we thank you and wish you all the joy, happiness and love this Thanksgiving.

David Osterweil, Founder & CEO