5 Tips To Surviving the Holiday Season and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

The holidays have a way of sneaking up on you and can even feel like they’re going to deter a year’s worth of healthy habits. But feat not. 

Here are our top 5 tips to help you have your holiday fun and stay healthy, too.


1. Holiday Party Hack

By bringing a healthier snack or drink to share at holiday parties, you can plan ahead for those cravings and still feel included in the festivities. A healthier take on a charcuterie board can include a variety of fruits, nuts, and meats that can provide you with healthy protein and fiber that keep you satisfied longer and will look just as delicious amongst the other holiday goodies.

2. Don’t Skip Meals

You may think skipping meals during the holiday season will help you cut corners when it comes to consuming those extra calories, but it can do the complete opposite! When you start to skip meals, it slows your metabolism down because your body doesn’t know when it is going to get food again; this can cause weight gain and make it even harder to lose weight in the future.

3. Drink Alternatives

Alcohol and mixers have a lot of hidden calories and sugars that can throw off your healthy habits during the holidays. Spiked seltzers have been the trendy and health-conscious drink of 2019; brands like White Claw and Truly have a variety of flavored alcoholic beverages all under 100 calories.

4. Get Active (Before Breakfast)

Whether or not your current habits include exercise, be sure to get moving at least once a day. It is not a crime to give in to some holiday treats, but you will want to make sure you are making up for it in other places. Go for a swift walk before you eat breakfast. Studies show that you will burn more fat exercising on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and you will get the workout out of the way, allowing you to spend more time doing all the things you love.

5. Reward Yourself

Depriving yourself of the things that make you happy to achieve your goals will only cause you to crave those things even more and backtrack when you give in. Practice healthy habits for yourself the entire week leading up to your holiday party or get together with friends and eat before you go, you will arrive full and be less likely to give in to all the temptations but can still enjoy dessert!