5 Ways to Power through the Holidays

While the holidays can be a hectic time for all, we’re here to make meal prep easier than ever. So whether you’re looking for healthy food options in-store, or prefer the convenience of meal delivery through our Home Delivery service, get set for success with the prepared meals that’ll keep you feeling your best.  And if you haven’t already, there’s never better a better time to get free help than right now through Project U. Let one of our certified Wellness Coaches help you stay on track with a personalized meal schedule and some extra guidance. Until then, here are a few tips to help you power through the holidays:

#1 Plan Ahead

The best way to cut down on surprises during the holidays is to plan ahead. Like doing your shopping early or stocking up now on chef-prepared meals so you can have healthy food choices at arms reach. 

 # 2 Stick to The Basics 

Remembering to drink water, get sleep, eat your greens and stand when you’ve been sitting too long are all simple actions that add up to better health—especially during the holidays. So don’t forget the basics no matter how busy things get. 

 # 3 Stay Balanced

The holidays only last for so long and can only set you back so far. So try and find a happy balance between making healthy choices and enjoying some of the foods that bring you joy. And if you feel like you overindulged, you can always get a fresh start with our healthy food delivered to your door.  

 # 4 Get Support 

You don’t have to do it alone. Get the help you need this holiday season by delegating some tasks to family or letting us take care of the cooking with Home Delivery—so you can enjoy your favorite prepared foods from the comfort of home.  

 # 5 Test Out Your Resolutions 

Why wait until January 1 to start new healthy habits? Whether your resolution is to drink less, work out more, or eat better, getting a jump start now can help make those resolutions stick next year. 

Want more tips? Meet one-on-one with a Fitlife Wellness Coach for free and get after your goals.