Featured Fit Meal: Fire River Sliders

Andrew Ruga: Vice President of Culinary Innovation & Corporate Chef

At Fitlife Foods when we set out to develop a meal we have to ask ourselves 3 questions.

1. Who wants to eat this?
2. Is it tasty and balanced or low carb?
3. How do we get as much flavor as possible into each bite?

When you can get all three of these answered, you have the makings of a real winner. With our newest Feature Fit Meal, Fire River Sliders I think we have a great trifecta happening. Anyone whole loves the idea of grass fed beef and enjoy a good sliders that has protein power will gravitate towards this Fit Meal.

Ah the eternal debate of tasty & balanced or low carb—In the beginning there was some talk about trying to make a bun work in this dish, or maybe a non-traditional bun like a steam bun or even a tortilla. But in the end protein power, low carb won this debate. Behold the egg white patty that the grass fed sliders rest upon.

At the end of the day the reason Fitlife Foods continues to connect with our customers, is because we create meals that you actually want to eat! We don’t just make brown rice and chicken. Creating meals that are craveable, yet full of powerfully good ingredients, is my main goal as a chef. When I hear “WOW! I didn’t expect it to taste this good” – I know I have a winner on my hands. I follow the “focus on flavor” approach at all times.

In our Fire River Sliders we start with a fluffy egg white patty – why egg whites you say? Well aside from the clean protein they bring, it is an excellent base. Make no mistake they are on the bottom for a simple reason – so they can absorb all the flavors from the heating process. We top this off with some great sautéed peppers and onions, then layer on the grass-fed beef patties, a little bit of cheddar cheese (hey we all need a treat–but for those that are dairy free we did not cook into patty so it can be removed) and then the star goes on top which is a few slices all-natural, low-fat chicken bacon.

Grab your fork n knife and enjoy!