Goodbye Summer, Hello Wellness Goals

Ah summertime, the joy of sleeping in longer, overindulging on favorite foods, and skipping the gym a few too many times. 

Isn’t that what summer is for? 

With summer coming to an end, we are all craving a more structured routine. A routine that will not only get us back on track with our wellness goals, but also help shed a few of those extra pounds summer gifted us with…raise your hand if you know what I mean!

Here are our 3 tips on how to get back on track with your wellness goals:


1. Plan Ahead

Can’t stress enough how important planning your week ahead is when you are trying to reach your wellness goals. If you don’t schedule time for the gym, then you won’t go – simple as that. Dedicate 1-hour each Sunday to sit down and plan out your week ahead. Make a workout schedule and stick to it!

2. Skip The Drive Thru

I know…but stay with me on this one! Mornings are not a good time to plan what you will be eating for breakfast or lunch, because most likely it won’t be a healthy choice. We run out of time quickly in the mornings, and when you are running out of time you tend to run to the closest drive-thru. Avoid this by preparing your breakfast and lunch the night before. Here is a Fitlife insider tip: grab your 5 favorite Fitlife meals and leave them at work and voilá you have lunch for the whole week!

Here are some of my favorite FitMeals fueling me through my week.

 Almond Crunch French Toast: MY FAVORITE! 

California Quiche: great for on the go breakfast. 

Fitgriddle 2.0: my favorite breakfast comfort food.

Erica’s Sesame Orange Chicken: Chinese take-out the healthy way.

Chicken Bruschetta: this meal packs a punch with 36g of protein.

Paleo Sloppy Joes: literally heaven in a bowl.

3. Track Your Water Consumption

Let’s get real for a second…if you are not on track with your water intake, your goals will be even harder to reach. Set a goal to drink plenty of water throughout the day. I do this by always keeping a water bottle near me. Another great way to drink more water is by simply infusing it with your favorite fruit. I love adding strawberries and mint to give it a crisp refreshing flavor. I also enjoy setting up small goals through the day – for example, I can’t have my first cup of coffee until I drink 20oz of water. 

But, how do I track my water intake if I don’t know HOW much water to drink? 

No worries…Project U can help with that!


Project U is a free wellness coaching program that Fitlife Foods offers in stores. 

Your wellness coach will be able to provide you with your personal wellness stats, which include hydration levels, lean body mass, and even how many calories you should be consuming in one day! Get started with your wellness coach today.