Hope for the Holidays

On behalf of the Fitlife Foods team, 

I would like to wish you a healthy and happy holiday, a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and a “Festivus for the Rest of Us”—George Costanza, circa 1992.

Each year around Christmas, I try and come up with some meaningful message that speaks to the spirit of the holiday season. I think about all of the power words that embody Fitlife Foods like...




 Being Contagious 

Doing More

Pushing More 

 Living More

...for our customers. I can speak about all the innovation we are pursuing, like the donut (with sprinkles) and General Tso’s Chicken and the return of the original Hong Kong Chicken Unfried Rice. (Whoops, I spilled the beans).However, that is all about us. And while we are doing it for you—and quite frankly, for each other as team members—I want to share something much deeper.

There’s a special feeling in the air during this time of year. Maybe it is the crisp winter weather, the lights, shopping for others or the togetherness of family. Or maybe it’s a genuine sense of hope.

There are a lot of things throughout the year that makes us upset. There are people who frustrate us and times that challenge us, but at the end of the day, there is a deeper reason that we soldier on together—as a family, a team or a business. That reason is the hope we have for one another. If you are like me, and I hope in this way you are, you want for everyone’s best self.

Each day, I walk into a store and see our team. I walk into the culinary center, our office, or see a customer…and all that I hope is to see that person’s best. I want our Fitlife Foods team to help bring out the best in others—like what we do with Project U and our free wellness sessions.

We do not always get it. In fact, at times we’re disappointed by the people around us. But that’s life. Yet still, we hope: for a new day, a change of heart and a better outcome. 

That is what the holiday season is all about. 

We get to realize each other’s best self and see the best in others.

To me, the holiday season is about reminding us all that we need to take care of each other. There are 6 Billion of us. That is a lot of different ways to approach life. However, if we for just one time of the year we collectively realize that we want the best for one another, maybe we can hold onto it for more than just one month.

So, that is my message for this holiday season and maybe it is enough. I wish you to find peace in what is most special and endearing to you. I hope that what you find magical about this time, and the genuine care you have for one another, carries you further into the new year.

My promise to you is that I will continue to hope and believe in the best of all our team members to help our customers be their best. We have the “juice” to maintain this hope, and I thank you for believing in my goal to help you through Fitlife Foods.

So here’s to a healthy and happy holiday season and your best self for 2019! 

Be Awesome!

David Osterweil, Founder & CEO