How to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Work: Healthy Habits for Business Travelers

In 2022, there were 460 million American business travelers!

Business travel is nearly back to pre-pandemic levels, but business and leisure travel alike are not only returning to normal, they are exceeding expectations and smashing revenue records.

While traveling for work comes with many benefits, one of the downsides is losing your routine and healthy habits.

Luckily, we can show you how to stay healthy while traveling for work to ensure you have the best business trip. Let’s explore some tips for creating a healthy travel plan for your next journey! 

Start Your Day Right with a Healthy Breakfast 

Before breakfast even begins, you want to get enough sleep when you travel for work. Waking up feeling groggy and tired will only lead to you craving copious amounts of coffee and sugar in the morning, and neither set you up for a day of success. This is especially true when you’re also fighting jet lag after traveling across several time zones.

Wake up feeling refreshed and have a nutritious morning meal that restores your body’s energy and resets your blood sugar levels. This way, you’ll get the energy boost you need to win the day!

While that fast food breakfast sandwich may sound delicious, it definitely won’t give your body the nutrition it needs. Instead, try some of these excellent breakfast food options:

- Eggs and whole-grain toast

Fresh fruit

- Granola

- Yogurt 

One incredible breakfast option at Fitlife Foods is our Protein Breakfast, three pieces of whey and pea protein apple infused pancakes made to perfection, served with a side of chicken sausage, lightly smoked chicken bacon, egg scramble, and a side of pure Vermont maple syrup. The perfect way to start your day! 

Drink Bottled Water 

It’s imperative to drink plenty of water when traveling for work to avoid dehydration. Dehydration has many adverse side effects, some of which include:  

- Headaches and/or dizziness

- Loss of strength and stamina

- Muscle cramps

- Sugar cravings  

- Tiredness

What’s more, mild symptoms of dehydration can resemble signs of hunger, leading you to overeat or indulge in unhealthy foods. The best way to hydrate is by drinking water first thing in the morning. Instead of grabbing a coffee, juice, tea, or soda immediately, drink one large glass of water. Then, carry a water bottle with you to continue to quench your thirst all day. 

Know What You’re Eating 

When traveling, you’ll eat out more often than not. But that means you won’t know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

For instance, that veggie salad that seems super healthy may actually have so many meats and cheeses in it that it’s high in calories and fats. (And beware of the dressing!)

Not a great choice if you ask us. Instead, try something like our 3-Protein Mixed Grill, a classic protein triple-threat with grilled churrasco-style beef, garlic-braised shrimp, and buffalo-seasoned chicken breast, all flavored with natural seasonings for low-sodium flavor, and served with a side of seasonal veggies and an herbaceous chimichurri aioli for dipping. 

Common Meal Mistakes When Traveling 

Some meal common mistakes travelers make include:

- Drinking too much alcohol

- Eating too much

- Having too many indulgences

- Not drinking enough water

- Skipping breakfast

When you don’t fuel your body with nutritious food and enough water, you risk weakening your immune system, making you more susceptible to catching an infectious disease. 

Strategies for Eating Healthy While Traveling 

For how to eat healthy while traveling for work, here are some healthy travel tips to follow:  

1. Always have healthy snacks on hand

2. Avoid empty calories

3. Don’t overindulge in sugary coffee drinks

4. Eat protein with every meal

5. Plan meals ahead of time

6. Read nutritional labels at the local grocery store or ask for nutritional information at restaurants

7. Stop worrying about being perfect

Additionally, if you’re not traveling too far, you can order your own meals via a meal prep service to take on your work trip. This way, you save time and don’t stress about staying on track with your health goals.  Our meals at Fitlife Foods are travel-friendly when you pack them with an ice pack in our eco-friendly concierge cooler bag. They are easy to take with you in the car or put in your carry-on suitcase for a few hours! 

Browse our menu to see the over 60 healthy meals we offer. From low-carb to gluten-free to dairy-free, we have meal options for everyone regardless of what diet or lifestyle you subscribe to. 

Eat Yogurt 

Yogurt is a quick and easy healthy food to eat while traveling. However, you want to choose Greek yogurt or yogurt with minimal added sugar for maximum nutrients.

Greek yogurt is the preferred choice as it is full of probiotics, which boost your immune system and gut health. Pop into a grocery store and pick up a few containers to keep the mini-fridge in your hotel room.

If you can’t find any Greek yogurt or a similar option, you can also take a probiotic supplement to help alleviate any stomach issues that may come up when traveling. 

Walk & Exercise During Your Trip 

Our health tips for travelers don’t all pertain to what you put in your body. Don’t forget that having an exercise routine even while traveling is beneficial to both your physical and mental health.

This doesn’t mean you must adhere to your usual workout routine. Even doing light exercise in your hotel room is better than doing nothing. 

And if you need some motivation, the health and wellness coaches at our Free Wellness Coaching Program can help! When you sign up for our meal plans, you get free access to our coaches, who will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. With your well-being a top priority, they will help you stay on track despite the curveballs life throws you.

To get started with your hotel room workout, here are some simple yet effective exercises you can easily do:

- Crunches or sit-ups

- Lunges  

- Push-ups

- Squats

Take it to the next level and pack some resistance bands in your bag. They barely occupy space in your luggage but can help maximize your workout.

Sightseeing on your trip is another excellent way to get some physical activity into your schedule without needing to schedule a trip to the hotel gym. During your time off from work, stroll around the city and explore famous sites. If you have a weekend day free, consider booking a tour. 

Stay Healthy & Keep Your Trip Productive 

Now that you know how to stay healthy while traveling for work, you can be your best self in business meetings, continue crushing your health goals, and enjoy the splendors of a new destination all in one go!

If you want to worry less about eating healthy meals while away, order now from FitLife Foods so you can have nutritious, delicious options while on the go! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you jet set for work has never been easier.