Make it a Lifestyle... Not a Diet.


Year after year there are new diets coming out around New Year’s claiming to have a quick fix to your desired weight loss. Is it interesting to try? Yes. Why? 

Because we want to lose weight and we want it NOW.  

Although it can be intriguing to jump on the bandwagon and give it a go, it’s typically not the healthiest and sustainable way to lose weight.

As a Wellness Coach, I have had several clients come to me talking about a “diet” they are wanting to try. I always respond by asking, “Why do you want to do this diet?” It usually has to do with a friend/significant other having success or because nothing else seems to work- this “diet” could be the magic trick. 

Diets are always paired with a certain timeframe like an 8 week cleanse, 6 week detox, etc. After this time has lapsed, the person normally sees significant changes toward their weight loss/body goal. Well, what happens after those weeks are over?    

Weight gain. Once the scale goes up... there is another diet to jump on. Why?  

Did the last diet involve incredibly small portions, skipping meals, no carbohydrates, or depriving yourself of real food/flavor that you enjoy?  Probably, yes.  

Did that “diet’ teach you how to make better choices when you go out to eat? To not deprive yourself when you crave a certain dish? How to sustain this way of eating in the long run? Probably, not.  

The cycle starts back over again into this “yo-yo diet” of weight loss and weight gain. It causes a lot of stress not only on the person mentally because they are not reaching their end goal, but also on the organs, sleep cycle, personal relationships, etc.

Balance looks different on everyone.  The best balanced diet for you could be completely different then your best friend’s, coworker’s’ or significant other’s. It should be consistent but allow for flexibility throughout holidays, special occasions, events etc.  The best way to lose fat or gain muscle is at a slow and steady pace. 

This is why it's a lifestyle change, not a diet. 

Fitlife Foods gives people the tools to eat proper, flavorful, nourishing meals for long term sustainability and balance. Craveable customer favorites like our BBQ Beef with Mac & Cheese make consistency, EASY when you want to indulge without the guilt. 

Our meals teach portion control so when you do want to treat yourself, you don’t have binge.  Our fresh meals paired with a team of Wellness Coaches through our Complimentary Project U program, it’s the recipe for long term success. 

As a Wellness Coach, I  figure out my clients BMR, hydration levels, lean mass and fat mass with our BIA machines. From there, I can calculate a nourishing calorie range based off of their specific health goals- no starving or depriving yourself.  

Change is scary… but common, we all made it through 2020!    

As a Wellness Coach, I am here to help guide you through this change towards a  healthy, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. Make 2021 your best year yet! Quit the fad diets and do what's best for the life you want to live.     

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 Coach Alyssa, Wesley Chapel