Lucky Number 7

I am still amazed every day.  Our customers come into our stores or get meals delivered every week.  They take their incredibly hard earned money that they work their butts off for and decide that having this special meal that does so much for them is worthy of their treasured hard earned cash.  This is the most sacred part of the interaction and is something that for 7 years I have never taken for granted.  Today, 7 years ago, we tore the paper off the windows for the first time, fired up the steamers, grills, ovens and refrigerators and began this journey called Fitlife Foods.


This is a journey that I set off on with one mission in mind; to make my life easier. Sorry, I am incredibly selfish.  I was sick of bringing frozen meals to my job every day. I was getting ready for my 6th marathon at the time, had one child and one on the way and wanted something more delicious and better for me in my everyday life.  When I wanted something with a bit more flavor, I was sick of wasting time shuttling off for a meal that was going to sap an hour of my day as I left my office, waited in a line, came back to my office ate it, and then crashed because it was not balanced.  No more.

7 years later, we are still at it and creating dishes that are focused on being the absolute best in prepared meals.  We have not chased fads or trends in the last 7 years; we have focused on one thing and one thing alone; making the number one best prepared meal in America.  Chicken and Waffles, Enchilada, Zoodles Chicken Parmesan, Grassfed Bison Burger, and some originals like Sunrise Scramble, Miso Salmon and BBQ Beef and Mac and Cheese; we love that we get to do this for you.

My favorite days are still tastings when we try some of Chef Andrew’s latest creations, or hang out with our Community Store Leaders in our bi-monthly gatherings or connect with members of our culinary center team in Plant City.  However, best of all, is when I hear from a customer about how Fitlife has impacted their daily life.

So, as we forge on to year #8 and focus on getting better each and every day, I want to thank you, my team and our customers. Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for your dedication to our mission. Thank you for your feedback and helping me get better every day and thank you most of all for making Fitlife Foods a part of you.  I treasure that more than you can imagine.