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Hey Everyone! 

My name is Katie Slater, I am the Wellness Coordinator for Fitlife Foods. Tune in every other week for posts on what Fitlife Foods has to offer, information about diets, how to eat healthy around holidays, and so much more! I chose to become a part of the FitFam because I wanted to eat healthy but could not find time to cook between working two jobs and doing graduate school. While at Fitlife Foods I have helped people lose more than 40 pounds, beat their personal record marathon times, and be able to keep up with their 4-year-olds.

A little about me…
I lived in Northern California for most of my life and plan to move back one day but for now I’m enjoying everything Florida has to offer. My love for health and wellness began when I started gymnastics at the age of four years old, I continued as a competitive acrobatic gymnast until I was eighteen and retired from Team USA at the Elite level. I have my master’s in applied learning and instruction with a focus on health and wellness education performance from University of Central Florida. Much of my research throughout my master’s program was on mindfulness and overall wellness. It is very important to find balance, especially in this crazy world we live in. I enjoy being active and trying all kinds of new activities – CrossFit, yoga, running, weightlifting, you name it, I’ll give it a try!


Project U is the way to go…
After being a Wellness Coach at Fitlife Foods in Dr. Phillip’s for almost two years I have had the opportunity to see first-hand how amazing this program can be and how much success clients can have. Now, as the Wellness Coordinator, I work with the Wellness Coaches to grow and help even more people reach their health and wellness goals.

Project U gives you access to free weekly meal schedules, unlimited consultations and support with your Wellness Coach, and even first dibs on menu items. You’ll get updates on your BMR, hydration levels, muscle mass percentages…  numbers you can’t simply google about yourself. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose weight, have more energy, or train for a competition/ race, Project U is our way of helping you reach your wellness goals by customizing a plan around your life. If you’d like to be set up with a Wellness Coach click on the link, fill out the information box and you will be contacted by a Wellness Coach in your area.


Until next time, be well,

Katie | Favorite FitMeal: Haily's Chicken Katsu

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