ProjectU - How Our Wellness Coaches Help Out!

Fitlife Foods Wellness Coaches 

are the architects of your future and editors of your story.  

What does that mean?  And how is that possible? 

 The job of a Fitlife Foods Wellness Coach is to take your life story and give you the guidance, support, and accountability to write the chapters of your life the way you want them to play out.

The internet is a big place with a lot of confusing information but, through our complimentary wellness coaching program called Project U, our coaches maximize your convenience and give you back your valuable time by creating weekly meal schedules and plans so all you have to do is pick up your order that is specifically designed to help you accomplish your goals. BOOM!

Still unsure?  

Let look at Nathan, one of our Project U clients, and see how he has progressed with Fitlife’s help so far!

Nathan Martin is one of our Project U clients at our Westshore location and has lost roughly 75 pounds over the last 6 months.  He utilizes Fitlife and Project U specifically for the convenience of being able to have a healthy meal during his busy workdays.  

"Don’t be afraid of time… Patience is key and it took me around a month of consciously eating healthy and exercising consistently to really develop those [new good] habits."

Wellness Coaches help you to maintain accountability to establish those new good habits that has helped (and continues to help) Nathan live a forkin’ awesome Fitlife!

Want to follow in Nathan’s footsteps? 

All that is missing is U: Get Started with Project U