NuCycle Energy

Preparing meals with 100% all-natural ingredients isn’t the only way we help you feel awesome. 

Because every rinsed meal container you return to us will also be upcycled into clean, alternative fuel through a partnership with NuCycle Energy.* 

Earn a $10 credit for every 20 containers returned in-store, and we will “NuCycle” them through NuCycle Energy.  Returned containers are never reused for meals.

About NuCycle Energy: 

  • NuCycle Energy is a company in Plant City, FL that manufactures an energy-dense, renewable fuel product that is an alternative to coal. Their fuel product is manufactured from waste materials and hard-to-recycle items that typically end up in landfills.
  • We send your rinsed containers to NuCycle for “NuCycling” into Enviro-Fuelcubes—a “Non-Waste Derived” fuel approved for use by the EPA. The definition of NuCycling is; the act of giving industrial materials, previously considered “end-of-life”, a new purpose of functionality.
  • Enviro-Fuelcubes are used for a cleaner burning alternative to coal and benefit industries like Lime Manufacturing, Cement Manufacturing and Power Generation.
  • Every container you return to us not only helps us reduce waste but will also help reduce the use of coal and the proliferation of landfills.
  • NuCycle Energy helps Fitlife become a sustainability leader on the way to a “zero-landfill” goal because 100% of the material processed by NuCycle Energy is repurposed.
  • One (1) ton of material processed at NuCycle Energy diverts one (1) ton of material from landfills, while also replacing one (1) ton of coal that would otherwise have been burned into the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Any container you return to Fitlife gets “NuCycled” through NuCycle Energy and is never reused for meals.

These are Enviro-Fuelcubes:

  • These cubes are mixed with plastics, paper, cardboard and other approved NuCycle materials to create the optimal burning temperature.
  • Plastic burns at a very high heat – when mixed with other approved materials, the cubes burn at an optimal temperature.