Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Fluffy bears and bright balloons fill the aisle of just about every store around Valentine’s day, but let’s not forget all the different ways we can feel and express our love that doesn’t involve someone else. Because having love for yourself can not only improve how you view and care for your body but also benefit your relationships. 

Here are our tips for practicing self-love this Valentine’s day and every day.


Celebrate You
We often overlook all the good we do. So take a moment to pat yourself on the back for all your accomplishments. Whether it’s vacuuming and straightening up the living room or earning a promotion at work, give yourself the credit you deserve.

Our lives seem to revolve around screens these days. But finding a moment to step away from your phone, computer or tv is essential. Whether you choose to spend time with your family or relax on your own with a glass of wine, leaving your electronics in the other room is the key to decompressing.

Keep a Journal
It can be hard to vocalize our hopes and dreams or find people who can relate to our frustrations or achievements. Try writing down your emotions in a journal to express things you may not be able to express aloud. It’s a great way to keep track of your goals and aspirations. The options are limitless and there is no right or wrong way!

Body Positivity
Whether you’re just starting your wellness journey or working to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can never improve or keep up with your goals if you do not love the skin you’re in! Don’t compare yourself to others and work towards realistic goals without cutting down your self-worth. Keep in mind that no matter where you are in your wellness journey, you’re already someone else’s goal!