Success Story: Meet Al Klasi

Al Klasi has been working with our Countryside Wellness Coach, Morgan Cashman, for a few months now.

When Al first met with Morgan he was eating out at fast food restaurants every day for lunch and dinner and also going to his local diner every morning for breakfast. Al’s favorite drink was sweet tea – of which he was drinking every single day!

All of his eating habits had to come to a screeching halt one day when his cardiologist told him he needed to make an immediate, drastic change to his diet. The day his cardiologist looked him in the eyes and told him this, he immediately left her office and drove straight to Fitlife Foods and met with Morgan.

Morgan worked with Al and he is now eating homemade oatmeal every morning and enjoying Fitlife Foods for lunch and dinner – 7 days a week. In the two Months that Al has been on his new wellness journey – he is down 9 pounds and his blood pressure has decreased. He has cut out the added sugars and is keeping his sodium under 1,400 mg a day, per his cardiologist’s instructions.

Al’s favorite Fitlife Meals are the Crispy Coconut Chicken and the Chicken Burger. He loves Fitlife Foods because he doesn’t have to spend time cooking his meals and his new diet has increased his energy and mood!