Success Story: Meet Giuseppe Baldi

Giuseppe Baldi was our Ft. Lauderdale Wellness Coaches first client that has been seeing some awesome results so far.

We are so excited to be with him on his wellness journey!

Giuseppe leads a very busy life as the owner of a popular and expanding pizza and gelato restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. He loves his CrossFit workouts that he attends 5 days a week, has a loving wife, Tracey, and has a new puppy named Bambi. With everything going on, he definitely gets his fair share of exercise.

While he has a lot going on in his daily life – he needed a little help with finding the right foods to give him the energy he needs to get him through his sometimes-hectic days.  His main goal when first coming to Fitlife Foods was to lose some weight and hit his ideal body fat percentage of 15%.

After nine weeks of eating our food, he lost a total of 8 pounds and reduced his body fat from 18 to 15% – goal complete!  

He now feels faster, lighter, and full of energy. Giuseppe is very happy with his progress that Fitlife has helped him achieve and is now on his way to visit his family in Italy for a well-deserved vacation. When he gets back from his vacation he plans to tackle his next goal of gaining muscle.

Alfred is so excited to have helped Giuseppe on his journey and looks forward to continuing to be his coach through tackling his next goal.