Success Story: Meet Melanie Smith

Client: Melanie Smith 

Location: Doc Phillips 

Coach: Katie Slater

My lifestyle has always been pretty active – but like most people, any sort of change to my work schedule would throw off my routine and set me back. 

Project U helped me to get back on track with my workout and healthy eating habits, since they hold me accountable for my own results and taught me how to make life-long changes.

Project U kept my goals in front of me and highlighted areas that I needed to work on – such as water intake. My coach scheduled meals based on my personal macro needs and taste preferences. They were extremely supportive in the journey and my needs. As I continued with Project U – my sweet tooth decreased, my activity level increased, and I was drinking way more water! 

Fitlife Foods helped make my hectic schedule manageable allowing me to reach my wellness goals. 

The meals were not only portion controlled but they were extremely tasty and allowed me to have different options every day. By far, my favorite Fitmeals are the Greek Meatballs, Supercharged Chicken and the Chorizo Breakfast Wrap.

I am a few Months in to Project U and now I am scheduling my own meals and continue to increase my fitness. Thanks to Fitlife Foods and Project U I am still on track to complete the Honolulu marathon at the end of this year!!

Thank you, Coach Katie!