Success Story: Meet Molly Waters

Hi, my name is Molly Waters.

Before Project U, I would work out and eat what I thought was healthy. I had little to no results. I was uncomfortable with my body and wore loose fitting clothes to cover up what I didn’t like.

Since starting Project U, I have a support system that keeps me on track and accountable. It’s awesome knowing I can go to my coach, Amber, with any questions throughout the week and she’s always there to help. I work out on a regular basis with a great group that encourages each other. My wonderful coach Amber at Winter Park has been an absolute inspiration. Because of her I live a healthy lifestyle and am held accountable for working out. Since starting, I’ve dropped three pant sizes! I am way more comfortable in my own body and don’t fear the pool or beach anymore. I’m not to my goal just yet, but I know that with Fitlife I will soon be!

Amber, at Winter Park has made it so simple to eat healthy when you have a busy life. I no longer have to meal prep (which turned into eating unhealthily). She tells me exactly what calories I have left on my snacks and meals on the days I don’t get food. I love the variety of options for foods, there’s always new items coming out, so you never get “bored” with meals. They are all measured out, so you know exactly where you are at with macros. Plus, they’re delicious!

My favorite FitMeal is The Paleo Sloppy Joes!