Success Story: Meet Noelia Beltre

What was their lifestyle before Project U?

I used to work out pretty often, but I would eat out every single day. Sometimes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, I never saw any results.

What did Project U and their coach do for them?

Anjee has taught me so much. Aside from teaching me the importance of a good diet, she’s given me tips on what types of workouts to do in the gym. It would have taken me a long time to figure out how to lose weight the healthy way had it not been for Project U.

What did they change?
My diet changed entirely. I used to eat well over 2,000 calories a day, and I had no idea people even kept track of calories, let alone macronutrients.

What do they love about Fitlife Foods?
I love that Fitlife provides healthy food that tastes great. Most people think eating healthy consist of lots of salads, but with Fitlife that was not the case.

What is their favorite FitMeal?
My favorite meal is the Cityside Burger.

What is their lifestyle like post challenge?
So much has changed post challenge, and I love it all. I can get a full night’s rest, I don’t need naps throughout the day, I have better stamina at the gym, and my skin has cleared up! This is a lifestyle I definitely plan to maintain.

Wellness Coaches help you to maintain accountability to establish those new good habits that has helped (and continues to help) Noelia live a forkin’ awesome fit life! 

Want to follow in Noelia’s footsteps?  

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