Success Story: Meet Ronnie Sargent

My name is Ronnie Sargent. I am a 40-year-old male that 7 ½ weeks ago weighed in my biggest ever at 266lbs. I have always had a terrible relationship with food and have therefore always been on the heavy side. I have tried countless fad diets and other meal companies that, of course, promised results but really didn’t do anything except lull my energy and patience.

In November 2018, I started shopping around for meal prep companies that could accommodate my lifestyle. I am in a relationship with someone who loves to eat but we tend to eat separately. I needed it to be affordable and the food delicious. I started with a company that shall remain nameless, it was about $280 for a weeks’ worth of food; they came frozen and I had to make them. I did it for two months and while the meals weren’t bad I wasn’t learning anything. I knew what I was eating was good but thought that if I just stuck to eating healthier I’d be fine.

That’s when I found Fitlife Foods. The meals seemed tempting and the cost was much less than $280, so I gave their Home Delivery service a try. First delivery came, and the food was delicious, but I had things I wanted to learn and talk about with someone. I decided to drive over to the Winter Park store and learn more about Fitlife Foods. When I went into the store it wasn’t what I was expecting, I thought it would be like a behind the counter scenario, but it wasn’t. All the delicious meals I had been eating over the past week or two were right there, in all their glory waiting to be selected for someone’s fast on the go lunch or packed up to take home for the week. All the folks inside were more than willing to help me, so I started asking about the difference between delivery and pick up, which they helped to answer all my questions. They also introduced me to Project U, a free service to all Fitlifers which allows you to meet and discuss your goals with a wellness coach. I thanked them for their time and went home.

I jumped online and registered for Project U. Hannah quickly sent me an email within 24 hours to schedule a time to come in for my initial session. The first session consisted of a weigh-in, body fat analysis and a discussion about my eating habits and things I wanted to change and the things I didn’t. I met Hannah and it was somewhat therapeutic to discuss the goals I had, she never made me feel judged. She listened to me as I told her that I enjoyed having a coke and eating with my family and friends at least once a week. I also shared with her that my parents had not taught me about portions. I don’t blame them because most Americans eat more than they should, but I knew I was consuming WAY TOO MUCH.

I weighed in at 266lbs. We did the body fat analysis which ended up being high, but what Hannah was able to gather from that is that my body burned 2400 calories a day without exercise. She asked if I minded if she set some goals, I didn’t. Her instructions were 10,000 steps a day, one coke a day limit, up my water consumption, and to work out with my personal trainer once a week. She then picked out and planned my meals for the week. I have been following her advice, eating my delicious food, learning about portion control, keeping a stricter view of what I am putting in my body by watching my calorie consumption, drinking more water and increasing my physical activity. All these things in the last 7 ½ weeks has led me to lose 26lbs., that’s 3.5lbs a week!

My life has changed! I have an abundance of energy. I feel better and lighter and I finally understand how to make this work for me. Fitlife Foods provides me with a partner that helps me at no cost and I feel has helped me really catapult my weight loss results. No pressure, all at my own pace, and it’s FREE! I may not be where I want to be, but I have lost 26lbs and plan to continue eating Fitlife Foods, using Project U, and getting back to the healthier “portion” of who I am!

Thanks Fitlife and Hannah for helping take the weight of my past off me!