Success Story: Meet the Blake’s

We are parents of two teenagers who have us going non-stop, leaving us with little time for ourselves and even less time to eat right. We’ve always been into fitness and doing what we need to do to stay fit; whether its cross training, lifting weights or just cardio. Working out became a way of life for us. Unfortunately, no matter how much we worked out, we were never losing the weight we needed to. Not until Fitlife Foods changed our lives. The meal schedules that Alfred wrote for us helped us to figure out what and how much to eat. Thanks to Fitlife and Alfred’s help I lost 11 lbs. and my husband lost over 13!

Our Goal: We will continue to make healthy eating our priority, just as working out should be. We want to live a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our children. Eating can be so difficult at times, especially when we’re busy with life in general, but with the results that we’ve seen in the past months, I would recommend FitLife to anyone.  The fact that each meal is designed for your nutritional needs and calorie intake, makes eating easy and enjoyable. It takes all the stress and guess-work out of shopping, cooking, and just makes everyone’s busy lifestyle easier to manage!