Thanksgiving Gratitude

We all have a sense that sits inside of us; our 6th sense.  

Not the magical ESP that you can read minds or predict the future, but the feeling of something being just “off.”  How many times have you woken up in the morning and entered the day with that cloudiness and an emotion which may be anxiousness, anger, frustration or being overwhelmed?  These are the emotions to recognize (vs. ignoring), so they do not distract you from of your truest potential.  We acknowledge them, we embrace them, and we move past them to feel belonging, happy, joy, excitement and love.

Let me share a story with you.  In 2011, I had a problem when it came to what gives me the emotion of frustration.  For me, it was (and still is) often related to the three L’s.  This is being late, lost or lacking preparedness. When these three L’s entered my life, I had a greater tendency to let them impact me.  My wife Laura (what’s up with all the L’s), became the dumping ground for these.  When I started Fitlife Foods, life was really frustrating, hard, scary… let’s just say, a lot of just being anxious (still to this day, just a little less). It was one day though after this frustration seethed out that Laura let me know that she could not be the dumping ground of this frustration. I needed to talk to someone else. It wasn’t fair to her.

So, with that, I decided to seek out a coach (sure you can call her a therapist as well).  She helped me work through the emotions and how-to channel them better. When I would feel this furor take hold in “dumping” or frustration, I needed to channel it to gratitude.

How did I do that? 

I started writing it down; but more so, I started using frustration as a mental trigger to come up with something to be grateful for.  Running late to soccer practice with my kids because of a long run that morning?  That frustration moved to thankful joy when I reflected on a dear friend who had lost a battle to cancer months earlier and couldn’t run or take her kids to soccer practice anymore.

When I used this frustration as a trigger for gratitude and to think of the emotion and recognize it; it changed my entire perspective on life…. With that, Fitlife Foods for me became more than just being about the food.

I believe it is our responsibility to help improve the way people feel. It is our responsibility to reduce the frustrations, anxiety, anger and sense of being overwhelmed in life for people the best way we know how.

Our mission is to crush the cloudiness from the day, so you can be clear with your family, your friends, your co-workers and yourself and so you have the energy to rock your best day.

This is where we believe we can make a real difference. The best prepared meals in the world with the greatest team is simply our vehicle for doing so. Using prepared meals, is just our methodology for helping our communities with these emotions and the resulting impacts of them.

We have to ensure that our food is delicious with incredible quality, so you keep coming back again and again.

We have to relieve you of any purchase anxiety with a 100% assurance that if you do not love it, we will replace it for you; no questions asked.

We have to innovate to keep you excited.

We have to have a team that can connect with our community beyond just processing a credit card and bagging up a meal.

When we do this, then we get to help be a part of solving your problems and helping to change the way you feel each day.

So, for me, I worked through a lot of frustration, anxiety, being overwhelmed with the meals from Fitlife Foods.  It helped me not worry about what those stressful “during the week” meals can look like for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It helped my wife reduce her stress for the days she worked at the hospital.  It made lunchtime prep easier for my daughter Sloane (she loves the Turkey Bolognese for lunch). It made me feel better by not feeling the hangover from a trap meal, which most times does not have the right ingredients and nutritional makeup to keep your energy going.

Think about it.  When you are late, why?  When you are not prepared, why?  When you are lost (well, I am not going to lie here, Waze helped me the most here). The downstream impact was massive for me and it can be for you.

Yes, I still have these emotions and challenges (of course), but I am more aware as to what causes them AND I also have a “tool” in Fitlife Foods (among other things) so I can do a better job recognizing their root cause, so they are simply reduced.

So, this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the team that personally powers my meals each week.

I am grateful for YOU, our customers that powers and provides for our team each week.

I am grateful for what powers and inspires you, that enables you to find your way to our stores or to our home delivery site each week.

My very best wishes for a healthy and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and for your 6th sense to feel joy.

Be Awesome,

David Osterweil, Founder & CEO