Thanksgiving Gratitude

“The days are long, but the years are short.” 

– Gretchen Rubin

Dear Fitlife Foods Customers,

I wonder what this woman was going through when she penned this quote? She must have been thinking of her own challenges, but I am not sure that she was thinking about the progression of a company. Yes, gratitude is being thankful for who and what you already have, and a lot of people in life say to not look back–only look forward–but I am not sure I agree with this sentiment.

See, the storybook of life, a career, or a company is an overall process. There is no straight line and the details within it are quite hard. Face it: nothing you have ever accomplished in life worth anything of significance is easy. It is not like you look back on kids that you have raised that are happy, well-adjusted and successful and you’re like: “that was a snap.” Shuttling them around town, working on homework together, talking through what upsets them, waking up in the middle of the night, school lunches, etc. (If you do not have kids yet, I hope I am not talking you out of them.) 

When you graduated from high school, college or progressed with a company, when have you ever said: “that was SOOO easy!” No way. If it was for you, please tell me about your magic formula. Life is about how you work through all your problems.

What you do as an individual on a daily basis is challenging, but you owe it to yourself to stop and look back. Where were you a year ago as a person, in your life, with your family or in your career?

I am grateful for each of those days as it relates to our growth at Fitlife Foods. When I look back on the year with respect to where we were in November 2017 to where we are today, I am proud of our team. From the menus and dishes we created, to the meals our team plates every day in our 38-degree prep kitchen, to every customer experience, to every Project U weight loss client session, to every truck on the road, I am overwhelmed with pride for our team. Were they all perfect? Certainly not. However, did we put our full-faith effort to achieve excellence? I certainly hope so. (If we did not, you can always email me at to share not only how we could have been better, but also how we’ve helped you as well.)

So, as we approach Thanksgiving, we remind you to take stock. Yes, it is okay to be frustrated at the challenging moments or long days, but remember: not only are those years short, but when you look back at the many years accumulated, that will be the real measure of pride.

On behalf of my family and the Fitlife family, we want to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season! We appreciate you for being our customers each and every day. And, most importantly, we hope that the products we prepare and serve, and the experience we provide you, are in the spirit of helping you DO MORE, PUSH MORE and LIVE MORE. That is what we call Respect for Humanity. And that is how we live the Fitlife!

Be Awesome!

David Osterweil, Founder & CEO