1. Morning Movement: Get moving in the morning. It’s not just about exercising to stay fit or lose weight. When your blood flows, your brain is mentally ready for what comes at you in the day. Stamp out the cloudiness away from the day and get the benefits for the whole day so you can be at your best.

  1. Hydration: Drink a full glass of water before going to bed and upon rising. Drink half your body weight in ounces each day.


  1. Quiet Time: I use the Calm App to Meditate 3 – 4x per week as well as having a gratitude journal documenting five things I am thankful for each morning. It could be as simple as A/C in the summer or morning coffee. It’s not always about your family and the big stuff. Be grateful for the small stuff as well.


  1. Read 10 for 10: While we are talking about the phone, replace it by getting ten pages each night before bed. After 26 nights (Take Saturday nights off), you will have a 260-page book down. You just read 12 books this year to advance your career and life.


  1. No Phone in Bed: When you have your eyes on the phone in bed before you go to sleep, you are disrupting your ability to fall asleep and keeping your brain going vs. preparing it for sleep.


  1. Long View: The book The One Thing by Gary Keller teaches us a lot about looking at One Thing, which is your most important. Establish your Someday Goal, 5 Year Goal, 1 Year, 1 Month, etc. focus, so you understand your One Thing. Spend the time to think about your purpose.


  1. Moderation: Even Tom Brady eats a pizza from time to time. Stop obsessing about overthinking food. Be smart and do not let the mainstream media over influence and over inform you. Look at things with a sense of skepticism. Read labels for Sugar, Fiber, Sodium. Enjoy time out; you deserve it. Stop counting your carbs; just be smarter about them. Reduce sugar amounts and avoid the breadbasket.


  1. Lean Up Your Life: Ever notice what your rush points are during the day? For me, it is AM with everyone rushing to work and kids heading out the door. Water bottles filled, lunches planned, breakfast organized, clothes picked out, toiletries ready to go. Plan out the week on Sunday night. Standardize as much as you can.


  1. Surprise and Delight: When it comes to your kids, spouse, work and more, look for an opportunity to surprise the important people in your life.


  1. Limit News: Do you ever notice when you read or watch the news you feel worse? Plan your podcasts and learn vs. learning about some awful thing that happened halfway across the country that has little impact to help improve you.


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