Welcome to the Week… It’s all about THE You!

Good Morning & Welcome to the Week...

I feel like every week I need to start off and say what our Core Focus is until I am blue in the face. It feels important to me that we need to talk about it constantly.  If we do not, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget about the higher purpose we are serving.

What you do each and every day is massively important to the people that we serve. If fulfilling a purpose is something that means something to you and helping to elevate the way others feel speaks to you, then you are in the right place.  What we do can never be taken for granted or underappreciated because each day, we all do our best to work our butts off to accomplish a higher mission each week.

This is something that we must latch onto with every opportunity we get.  We are on the cusp of something magical each day. It may be that we impacted 1 person, or it may be that we impacted 100 people each day.  Irrespective, it will take the collective of all involved to do it. Can you see it? 


Why is that important?

We want to elevate the way people feel with our best in class healthy prepared meals through stores and delivery. 

 Why is that important?  

Because we want people to live their best lives possible, which includes feeling their best. 

 Why is that important?  

Because I want to live my best life and I know how it feels eating Fitlife Foods and I want others to experience it. 

Why is that important?  

Because I love my family and I want to do all I can for them.    

That is my why I want to elevate the way you feel! 

Our Core Focus at Fitlife Foods is to “Elevate the Way You Feel.”  

This focus and vision is set with intention and it runs so deeply inside me that every day I wake up and during my morning meditation or on my run, I bring this intention into each day. I have to remind myself that one of the most important words in this phrase and focus is YOU.  You can mean so many things in our day. 

YOU can mean a customer.  Certainly by putting the most incredible meals out into the marketplace, giving customers a unique store experience when they walk through our doors and supporting individuals with our Project U program or simply brightening their day with our energy, that can be the you. We go and connect with Fitness Managers in gyms because we want them to impact their trainers and their trainers to impact their customers in a network effect.  We do this not just for sales, but we do this because we can impact more people when we touch people the right way. It is why our Community Store Leaders are charged with the awesome responsibility of building deep relationships throughout the community. It is why our Wellness Coaches, connect 1:1 to make a meaningful difference and why our culinary team connects with one another to come together for an awesome mission for all of our customers. 

YOU can mean a fellow team member.  Let’s face it.  Life, work, family, friends, etc has its up and downs. I am not going to sit here and pretend that life is so perfect for me. It is hard, really hard.  People and circumstances influence me on a daily basis. When you sit in the CEO seat of an organization, it can be a very lonely place, so when I get to have an awesome interaction with one of you on a daily basis, it lifts me up in a positive way that I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate.  We need do this as much as possible for each other.   Life is too short not to be having fun with one another and appreciating everyone’s’ individual uniqueness. 

You can mean YOU.  You need to take care of you. Plain and simple. If you are not feeling 100%, then you need to do what you need to do to take care of you.  Sometimes, I feel nature calling (no, not that nature ) and I need to get out for a run, a hike or away with my family to be somewhere new that inspires me.  That is how I take care of me. How about YOU? 

YOU can mean a stranger. The power of elevating the way you feel, means in our everyday interactions, we have an opportunity to raise people up. In traffic, at the grocery store, walking around in your everyday life, there are stories all around us. Look someone in the eye and smile.  You have just elevated the way someone feels. 

So as YOU embark on this week. I want to remind you of our Core Focus… “To Elevate the Way You Feel.” We have this awesome responsibility to each other and to the people we touch in our daily lives.  Spread this message and let’s see what happens. Let’s see impact it makes on YOU.

Have an awesome week! 

David Osterweil, Founder & CEO


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