Welcome to the Week... The Starting Line

The Perfect Monday Morning

Each year on the first Monday following the long holiday weekend, the American economy begins to roar back to life after a period of relaxation through the holidays. The regular season of the NFL ends, holiday decorations are put away, school gets ready to re-start, markets roar back to life and the resolutions that were set, just a short time ago on January 1st, a mere 3 - 4 days ago, either take hold, or they begin to be an "oh, I'll get to that in a couple of days." (Yeah, you know who you are... I'm looking at you!)

This day like for many of you, brings the same type of re-start feelings for me back to the surface. But, what used to be an "oh no, here comes Monday" is an "oh, yes, here comes Monday!" During the holidays a lot of the routines that make me feel at my best go a touch out the window. Monday, each week is an opportunity, it is an opportunity to set new resolutions or let's change the word, intentions every week.

So, as you are getting ready to conquer your week, here are 5 quick tips that I use the night before to re-start myself and get ready for the excitement of the week ahead.

1. To Do List Be Gone. 

To Do lists stink. As a society, we have become beholden to to-do lists. They are holding you hostage. What I believe you are actually looking for a is a list of things for the week that you want to be reminded of so you can tackle what is needed during the week. Build a reminder list. I know, you think it is the same thing... It is not. A reminder list is just that, reminders of all the things you need to do. Control your schedule and time block the time that is your best thinking time (likely in the morning). Don't let a list control you, just let it remind you.

2. 30 Min Before Bed Investment. 

A great week starts with a great night of sleep on Sunday. Read 10 pages before bed (that is a 300 page book a month) and you will probably start to fall asleep by page 8 (I do) giving you a more restful sleep than keeping your eyes and your brain awake by looking at your phone before bed. Calm your mind down before bed. I also have a large Chamomile or Bedtime tea. It hydrates you and also helps to stop any of those after dinner and before bed cravings. Get rid of those trash calories in your life. If you eliminate 100 trash calories every night that is 10.5 lbs eliminated per year. So, the 30 min investment before bed, gives you a book a month, hydrates you, provides a more restful sleep and a better week and eliminates wasteful weight gain. Not a bad 30 min investment.

3. The Alarm Clock is Not Intuitive.

When your alarm clock goes off you may be getting ripped from the deepest and most restorative sleeping time of the night. I started using an app to wake me up in a sleep window, called Sleep Cycle. Instead of setting an alarm for 5AM, I now set a wake up window between 4:50AM - 5:20AM. The alarm on the app wakes me up peacefully at the best time as it monitors you (with the phone just being on your bedside table) and measures the quality of my sleep and knows when to wake me up.

4. Personal or Family Plan.

Gotta love the family calendar on the iPhone. Everything is scheduled for the week and it just shows up on everyone else's devices. However, this is no replacement for the 10 min that we game plan the week ahead. Who is picking up who from all the activities? What day is a "Zoom" day at school and who will be here? What is needed to help each other out? The same applies if you are single. Game plan your week so you are mindful about what is to come. I have always said, make it happen, don't just let things happen. When we rush, it is probably because we aren't prepared. My favorite Benjamin Franklin Quote... "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Huddle up and go run a great play for the week.

5. Here is the Shameless Plug One, but will Change Your Life.

Meal Planning (Not Meal Prepping): If you are spending hours of time on a Sunday actually making food for the week, give yourself a break, unless it is restorative for you. What we do on Sunday is schedule our meals. (Believe it or not, not every meal is a Fitlife meal).

Write down what you will have for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for you and / or your family based on what your schedule looks like this week. We have Project U Wellness Coaches at Fitlife that will also be helpful for you in this. Come see us at Fitlife Foods or place a home delivery order for the week. When you look at the difference of time, food waste, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping give yourself that time back in your life. Stop by any one of Fitlife's 12 locations or order weekly home delivery to your door. A, food quality means a ton, that's why we chef curate over 60+ menu items and B, Fitlife will always 100% guarantee any meal since your taste is the only thing that matters. You deserve a personal chef each day.

Have a great week and an amazing start to 2021! 

You've got this! 

David Osterweil,  Founder & CEO Fitlife Foods