With Love & Gratitude

We recently had a meeting with our team of Community Store Leaders (these are the amazing team members who are responsible for leading our stores). The premise was to help them understand the importance of “feelings” as we work together and with our customers.

One of our leaders said, “I don’t do feelings.” Another said, “We can’t do that. I was told when I was a kid that to be a “man” you can’t talk about feelings.”

It’s funny; when you start talking about feelings, you can get some pretty interesting looks.

The conversations, especially over the holidays, can be far-reaching. They can range from discussions with friends to deeper dialogues with family members, including things that people really don’t want to talk about.

The conversation stays on the surface, and while we have a variety of feelings as we listen, we rarely let the conversation go down that rabbit hole. You know which one I am talking about. The Big E! I’m going to say it aloud…. 


Emotion is the act of understanding your feelings based on what you hear or see. And when you own it, you’re able to listen and understand what other people are saying or showing. You see deeper into them than some people could otherwise understand.

You could feel anxious, excited, frustrated, grateful, guilty, happy, jealous or even love. But when you internalize these emotions first, you are better equiped to preserve and strengthen your relationships. This is about the time that someone says to me, “David, Fitlife Foods sells food, what in the heck do you know about emotions?”

You are 100% correct. And you are 100% wrong. I am no psychologist, nor do I pretend to be, but what we sell at Fitlife Foods is way more than food. While we have thousands of things we have to do right to put the best prepared meals in your hands, the one thing that matters most is that we teach our team to be in tune with each other’s emotions and what a customer needs.

Does someone want to feel joy? Or be more successful this year and save time to enable them to achieve their goals?

Does someone want to feel happy by losing weight, so they have the energy to live each day to the fullest?

Does someone want to feel the excitement of getting off medication they’ve been taking for years? And do they need a lifestyle change to do it?

Does someone feel overwhelmed as a parent with work, kid’s soccer and dance practice, or homework while the new year kicks in?

Does someone want to reduce their workweek anxiety on Sunday or Monday?

If our mission is to elevate and impact the way that this “someone” (hint hint, it’s YOU) feels inside and out, we have a responsibility to understand not just “how” to achieve your goals but “why” you want to achieve them. By getting in-tune with you, YOU will feel a sense of belonging to the Team Green of Fitlife Foods! And it all starts with that perfectly portioned, flavored, macro-balanced and ingredient-rich meal–making Fitlife Foods actually fit into your life.

When we understand emotions, we take control of our lives by empathizing with others. So when you’re spending time with your friends and family this holiday, or see a friend sharing something on social media, find empathy. Empathize by celebrating the joy that someone is looking for when they share what is going well for them, or need support about how these holidays may be a struggle for them.

Everyone has a unique story. Cherish that.

The holidays are a season of JOY, and as we prepare for the new year with our team, we do so by feeling EXCITED about what’s to come, because the most important person to Fitlife Foods is YOU.

We cannot solve all the world’s problems, but we can do a lot to help you solve yours. And if we do that, then we get to experience JOY right alongside you.

That is one emotion that all of our Community Store Leaders and the team at Fitlife Foods is ready to buy into this holiday season. We wish you a joyous holiday in 2019 and look forward to an incredible 2020 with you.

With Gratitude,