Powerful food deserves some powerful words. Powerful food deserves some powerful words.

Powerful food deserves some powerful words.

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Welcome to the Future of FitMeals

Aug 24, 2021
Our containers are about much more than just a new look. They’re completely reimagined for the freshest, most delicious and nutrient-dense meals possible.  Some of the upgraded features of our...

A Fitlifer’s Survival Guide to Snacking

Feb 02, 2021
If you haven’t already heard the news, diets are out and lifestyle changes are in. But arguably, the hardest part about lifestyle changes is the blurred parameters of what you...

Influence Makes An Impact

Jan 25, 2021
Tampa Bay is on their way to the Big Game! I believe whole heartedly in the saying that sports imitates life. {Wait wait… if you are not a sports fan,...

4 Steps For Goal Planning

Jan 20, 2021
Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet!  By: Sierra Morris, Sarasota Wellness Coach Most people create New Year’s Resolutions with the best intentions to ditch their bad habits, become healthier, spend...

Make it a Lifestyle... Not a Diet.

Jan 06, 2021
Year after year there are new diets coming out around New Year’s claiming to have a quick fix to your desired weight loss. Is it interesting to try? Yes. Why? Because we...

Welcome to the Week... The Starting Line

Jan 04, 2021
The Perfect Monday Morning Each year on the first Monday following the long holiday weekend, the American economy begins to roar back to life after a period of relaxation through...