Powerful food deserves <br>some powerful words. Powerful food deserves <br>some powerful words.

Powerful food deserves
some powerful words.

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Success Story: Meet Noelia Beltre

Jun 15, 2018
What was their lifestyle before Project U? I used to work out pretty often, but I would eat out every single day. Sometimes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course,...

Guide to Proper Running Posture: How to Run Better, Faster, and Farther

Jun 14, 2018
  Remember how your mother would scold you for not standing up straight and encouraged you to walk around the house with a book on your head? Well she wasn’t...

Living the Fit Life: Meet Mary

Jun 12, 2018
I am passionate about being a Wellness Coach at Fitlife Foods because…. My philosophy is that food is medicine! Food is so powerful, and it’s crazy how much mindfulness is...

My Journey to Wellness - Fit Notes from Katie

Jun 06, 2018
  Hey Everyone!  My name is Katie Slater, I am the Wellness Coordinator for Fitlife Foods. Tune in every other week for posts on what Fitlife Foods has to offer,...

Success Story Winner

Mar 28, 2018
 Our chefs create the awesome meals. Our Wellness Coaches share their guidance. But you make Fitlife a reality by living it.  That’s why we’d like to recognize our Success Story Winner —...

Lucky Number 7

Feb 08, 2018
I am still amazed every day.  Our customers come into our stores or get meals delivered every week.  They take their incredibly hard earned money that they work their butts...