Powerful food deserves some powerful words. Powerful food deserves some powerful words.

Powerful food deserves some powerful words.

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Importance of Mindful Breathing

Jun 02, 2020
The holiday season is in full swing... Mindfulness meditation encourages the practitioner to observe wandering thoughts as they drift through the mind. The intention is not to get involved with...

Contactless Delivery Explained

Mar 22, 2020
What is Contactless Delivery? It means that before your order arrives at your door, every FitMeal is carefully prepared, sealed in an air-tight container and locked in an insulated cooler...

From our Founder & CEO: Safety First

Mar 13, 2020
Safety First As we all deal individually with the challenges introduced into our daily lives amid the concerns related to COVID-19, I want to share with you the steps and...

Welcome to the Week… It’s all about THE You!

Feb 16, 2020
Good Morning & Welcome to the Week... I feel like every week I need to start off and say what our Core Focus is until I am blue in the...

Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Feb 12, 2020
Fluffy bears and bright balloons fill the aisle of just about every store around Valentine’s day, but let’s not forget all the different ways we can feel and express our...

Welcome to the Week… A Real Relationship

Feb 10, 2020
Good Morning & Welcome to the Week… Before I started Fitlife Foods, I spent 9 years in the casual dining sector of the restaurant business.  As Valentine’s Day approached, I...