Coronavirus Concerns: Tampa-based Prepared Meal Provider Taking Precautions To Protect Staff & Customers

Mar 21, 2020
Coronavirus Concerns: Tampa-based Prepared Meal Provider Taking Precautions To Protect Staff & Customers
TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA)- Tampa-based healthy, prepared meals provider, Fitlife Foods, is working overtime to ensure the health and safety of their staff and customers. 

Their workers at their Culinary Center in Plant City are getting their temperatures checked before they enter the facility and wearing protective gear that leaves only their eyes exposed. “We put personal protective gear on every team member throughout the entire facility. Even when they walk through into the facility, they have to walk through sanitizing solution,” said Fitlife founder and CEO David Osterweil. 

Osterweil says his company has practiced social distancing long before COVID-19 but recently Fitlife put additional safety guidelines in place. “We have shut any group activity that would have happened, all team meetings are happening in a social distancing manner. Any area that would allow people to be together has been separated.” 

Sterile gloves are also used from the time meals are prepared, packed and delivered or brought to one of Fitlife’s many Tampa Bay area locations. In other words, their meals only make contact with customers. “It has nothing to do with the coronavirus, I am a regular here all the time, it’s really convenient,” said Fitlife customer Brian Insua.Fitlife is also wiping down handles and surfaces after each customer visits any one of their 13 Florida locations. “Our responsibility is to provide safe food and safe jobs in the community,” said Osterweil. “We view that we have a great community service in what we are providing. It’s a unique time and we want to do out part to help.”

Fitlife’s wide variety of microwavable meals include Chicken Pad Thai, Jerk Chicken and Mac and Cheese, Turkey Meatloaf, Bison Ravioli and a variety of breakfast dishes. The company says their meals are also suitable for families looking for healthier and sustainable options during the coronavirus pandemic, or for those who are practicing social distancing and avoiding grocery stores.

Fitlife will donate 1,000 meals each month to Feeding Tampa Bay during the coronavirus crisis and offer police, military, veterans and first responders discounts on every purchase.