Eating Fitlife Meals, and my body is fueled Katie M, St. Pete, FL

Eating Fitlife Meals, and my body is fueled <span>Katie M, St. Pete, FL</span>

It doesn’t matter where you are starting out!

I started out at more than 425 pounds. 

What matters is that you take the steps and focus on making one good choice at a time. Make the easiest changes first like swapping out a Fitlife meal instead of making an unhealthy meal choice. I found that Fitlife made planning my meals easy and stress-free. I don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking and meal prepping, because Fitlife does all that work for me.

I have lost almost 200 pounds but I still have more weight to lose. 

My plan is to continue to plan, because that’s been the key to my success so far.

Every pound I lose is a pound that isn’t weighing me down during physical exercise. With progress, I have been able to try out all kinds of different activities including cardio, strength training, Pure Barre, and more! Because I’m eating Fitlife meals, my body is fueled with nutrition that it knows how to process during my physical activity. No weird chemicals, just good food with macros that work for me.