Everything I am about to explain happened. No big tails or BS.

 My daughter experienced a very traumatic event about 8 months ago, which the family was unaware of at the time. The results of this event manifest itself in my daughter developing an eating disorder which led to four stays at Miami Children’s Hospital that were not able to solve the problem. This led to a 36 day stay in a very special unit in Arizona where the exact nature of the trauma was found and treated. And while they were able to stabilize her eating and get her on the path to recovery there was still a long way to go. In January after we brought her home she was able to attend a special day facility in the area that continued to work on the trauma and the resulting eating disorder. But try as we might we were unable to find the right food combination and proportions that she would eat and the battle raged on.

"Your store has in fact been a lifesaver for our daughter!"

Somehow she found your website and decided to try out your food. Understand that for a child with an eating disorder the concept of food is unpleasant. So the fact that she found your food acceptable was a great victory for her and for her family. Ever since then we have been coming in and buying all her meals from your store. She finds the proportions exactly what she needs and is happy not only to prepare the meals but eats the entire meal. Your store has in fact been a lifesaver because we could not get her to eat the necessary proportions with the needed caloric intake and she was continuing to lose weight and we thought she was going to have to go back into the hospital. We have a long way to go but she is stable and eating and for that I am thankful to your company. In fact while I was writing this letter she texted me to make sure we had meals. Thank you does not seem like enough to say but it is all we can do.