Project U Success Story: Alex B.

Alex graduated from our Project U Wellness Coaching Program in June of 2021 with a whole new lifestyle, more confidence and a positive mindset. Oh, and  50 pounds lighter and 7% drop in fat mass! 

However, changing numbers on the scale and in body composition don't even come close to the changes Alex made in her lifestyle by changing her mindset and habits. This did not happen overnight, but her hard work she put in with her Wellness Coach for a year and half and ultimately changed her life.

When she first started Project U, her goals were centered around weight loss and body fat percentage. Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. Our conversations week after week were centered around the anxiety of counting calories and going to the gym to run, even though she hated running.  

About 8 months into our program, her mindset shifted. These original goals centered around numbers didn't matter anymore! Her goals completely shifted and she focused on her relationship with food. 

Now, she no longer binges or feels guilty about what she does or doesn't eat. 

She eats to fuel her body, not to force it to look a certain way. 

She exercises for enjoyment and found a passion for yoga. She has even become a certified yoga instructor!

I asked Alex, "If you could go back to January 2020 and give yourself health and wellness advice, what would it be?"

"I would go back and tell myself that building healthy habits are more important than what the scale says. That even if I stayed the same weight for the first 6 months, I would have had 6 months of a solid foundation and a new mindset. That it's important to understand that this (building new habits) is the much harder path, but the harder path will lead to more happiness. 

Ultimately, It would have been easier to just stick to what I was doing... aggressively counting calories and running to burn calories, but I would have been more unhappy. What I was doing was creating a cycle of shame and guilt by trying to force results. 

 I would also tell myself to talk to as many people as I can about what I was going through and feeling. When I tried to hide losing weight it always felt like shame. But when I talked to you (my Project U Coach) and trainers and friends it took a huge weight off my shoulders." 

There's no doubt that Alex's continued work with her Fitlife Wellness Coach and building new habits truly changed her life.  

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