Food Safety Comes First Food Safety Comes First

Food Safety Comes First

Our Commitment to Food Safety

Since our founding in 2011, we have employed a culture of commitment to continuous improvement and food safety rigor. We continually elevate and appreciate the care that our team, partners, vendors, suppliers and inspectors-both internally and within the government-provide to keep our customers safe.
At Fitlife Foods, your health and safety are truly our top priority.

Above & Beyond the Standard

Our commitment to food safety is the reason we continue to have an impeccable record with the Florida Department of Agriculture. From our state of the art culinary center to our stores and throughout our entire food supply chain, we follow safety protocols that exceed federal, state, and local regulations.

Food Safety

Our Food Safety Protocol

Our People

  • We have a former State of Florida Department of Agriculture inspector on-staff full-time to oversee quality assurance of everything we do.
  • All employees, vendors, and guests are required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when entering all of our food production zones.
  • All employees, vendors, and guests are required to pass through a sanitizing vestibule on their way into our food protection zones-which provides thorough sanitation of hands, body and boots.
  • All individuals are required to pass a temperature wellness check upon entering our facility.

Our Practices

  • We prepare and pack all meals under refrigeration, and transport all our meals via refrigerated trucking to ensure a constant cold chain to our stores and our weekly home delivery customers.
  • Double temperature monitoring in our culinary centers and stores, including manual temperature checks throughout the day and remote temperature monitoring, ensures consistency day and night.
  • We conduct weekly laboratory testing at our facility to ensure 100% cleanliness.
  • Our decentralized zone equipment system ensure no cleaning equipment is used outside of its designated zone.
  • We label all meals to FDA standard with full nutrition labeling and ingredient statements, as well as known allergens within each dish.
  • We have regular surprise inspections through an independent, third party food safety organization to inspect our operation and ensure we're meeting the highest standards.