Buffalo Chicken Melt

Buffalo dry-rubbed all-natural chicken breast pieces, perfectly roasted and served with cilantro lime rice, Monterey jack cheese, roasted veggies and a side of yogurt-based buffalo ranch. This dish is Gluten-free, low-sodium meal is packed with fiber, vitamin C, and a hefty helping of macronutrients. 


    Calories: 320
    Carbohydrates: 24g (Net: 22g) 
    Protein: 34g
    Fat: 10g

    Calories: 420
    Carbohydrates: 32g (Net: 29g) 
    Protein: 43g
    Fat: 13g

    Calories: 550
    Carbohydrates: 39g (Net: 36g) 
    Protein: 61g
    Fat: 17g

    No egg No fish No peanut No shellfish No soy No tree nut No wheat-gluten
    Buffalo Chicken Melt Buffalo Chicken Melt Buffalo Chicken Melt