Chicken Pesto Tortellini

Four cheese stuffed tortellini tossed with our garden-fresh kale pesto sauce over fresh baby spinach. Topped with garden-fresh herb tomatoes and all natural grilled chicken breast on the side. This dish has been on our menu for years and it keeps our customers coming back for more! 

Calories: 270
Carbohydrates: 37g (Net: 30g) 
Protein: 20g 
Fat: 5g

Calories: 400 
Carbohydrates: 57g (Net: 47g) 
Protein: 29g
Fat: 7g

Calories: 520 
Carbohydrates: 77g (Net: 63g) 
Protein: 37g 
Fat: 9g

No fish No peanut No shellfish No soy No tree nut
Chicken Pesto Tortellini Chicken Pesto Tortellini Chicken Pesto Tortellini