Gene & Sharon S, Countryside, FL

My best customer success story is from my first ever wellness clients, Gene and Sharon Steffanetta, at the Countryside location. When they first came in, they weren’t active at all and, Sharon especially, had trouble getting around on a daily basis. I remember during their first consultation, Sharon asked me if they stayed on this program long enough, “would my husband look like The Rock?” They were very easy people to communicate with and would always catch up when they would come into the store to pick up their meals.

quoteIf we stayed on this program long enough, would my husband look like The Rock?

After a few months on Project U, I noticed that Sharon had walked up to the store with her dog. Kind of came out of nowhere. To my surprise, she had walked to the store from her house when I was working, with her dog, just to tell me that she was able to make it that far! She was super proud of that moment and it really did fill my heart, even though I am not a very sentimental person, to see her being able to be outside and walking her dog. Needless to say, they are both still active customers and are able to make healthy decisions on their own, only asking me for advice from time to time!


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