About us

We founded Fitlife Foods in 2011 with one sole mission: to create delicious, satisfying, crave-worthy meals and snacks that power the way you live.

When you eat one of our meals, you can expect . . .

the freshest, all-natural ingredients and high-quality flavors.

That’s why we joined forces with Chef Chris Austin to create a delicious menu that features 9 original sauces, 13 different spice blends that’ll kick your taste buds into high gear, and more than 60 meals to satisfy every craving and dietary preference.

In a nutshell, we do mealtime, so you can do you.

All you have to do is follow the heating instructions on our packaging and enjoy!

Our Core Values

To create nutritious, high-quality meals that power your day, we live by the following 5 core values:


Always be thankful, celebrate accomplishments & embrace the greater good


Be courageous to take initiative, learn from your mistakes & inspire a sense of possibility


Show up with the will to succeed, own your responsibilities & stick to a higher standard


Love what you do, be in it to win it & perform with purpose

Contagious Optimism

Keep it fun, be enthusiastic & build trust through optimism

Meet the Team

David Osterweil

David Osterweil

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Austin

Chris Austin

Executive Chef

Penny Primus

Penny Primus

Director of Product Marketing

Sabrina Permuth

Sabrina Permuth

Director of People Operations

“We all want to get more out of life — and we believe everyone deserves to. We're proud to power your personal journey.”

David Osterweil, Founder & CEO