Healthy & Chef-Crafted Employee Meal Solutions

Be the hero at the office (or the remote one) – elevate your benefits package by giving your employee rock stars the healthy fuel they need for peak productivity and creativity, a team dynamic, and a positive office culture.

You value your employees. You know their wellness and satisfaction are critical for top business performance.

With our Fitlife Foods weekly employee meal program for your workplace, including self-serve refrigerated options for the break room, you provide an added corporate benefit that enables your staff to eat healthier and show up to do their best every day. Help them save time and money, prioritize their health, and savor the incredible flavor of nutritious meals conveniently at the office or home during the workday.

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Feed the Journey to Well-Being by Adding an Employee Meal Program to Your Benefits Package  

It's more than just an employee meal program – it's a catalyst for growth, a cornerstone of resilience, and a way to truly invest in your team's potential. When you feed the journey to well-being in the workplace, you're nurturing an environment where everyone can thrive and achieve greatness. 

A nourished team is a motivated and focused team at peak performance, ready to take on challenges, surpass their goals, and flourish in both their careers and personal lives.  

Empower your team with balanced nutrition and propel your business forward on its remarkable journey! 



01 // Weekly Corporate Lunch Program

Tell us what your employees like, and we’ll craft ready-to-eat lunchtime treats for your office every week. Don’t forget about our healthy options for dessert!

02 // Employee Meal Solutions for Remote Teams

What about your tribe working from home? We’ve got ‘em covered with home meal delivery to your remote team members.

03 // Fresh Options From the Fitlife Fridge For Your Office

Outfit your office with a Fitlife Fridge so your dedicated employees can benefit from healthy meal solutions and perfect portions 24/7.*

*Minimum order volume required

Complimentary Corporate Wellness Support Available!

THE roi of a prepared meal

Happier teams

Healthier lives

Fun-Loving Workdays

Increased Employee Perks

Time for What Really Matters

The Recipe For a Happy, Healthy, 
and Productive Office

Access to ready-to-eat, healthy meals is a win-win for both employers and employees. Our fully cooked meals use fresh ingredients for the absolute best food quality, offering your staff benefits they can feel from your company’s total rewards.

When you show you care about your employees with a corporate lunch program, it pays off in retention and performance excellence!

Time Savings

Lose the mad dash for fast food and gain back productivity. On average, companies save 44 minutes per lunch (and avoid the energy crash from unhealthy food) by using a corporate lunch program and eliminating the need for rushing around on an hour-long meal break.

Daily Energy

Ditch the afternoon food fog. When your teams are eating healthy, fresh meals, they’re more energized, productive, and happier. Feel the difference in your team’s energy and focus at your next 3 pm meeting!

Reduced Sick Time

Healthier food means a healthier workforce. According to the CDC, “Companies that support workplace health have a greater percentage of employees at work every day.”

Alleviated Stress

A reliable food source gives your staff quality time for what matters. Removing mealtime stress means more time with friends and family, eliminating that end-of-day “hangry” feeling, and allowing an employee to focus on success at work.

Better Talent Retention

Sharing food builds a bond. By providing an additional company benefit in the form of employee meal solutions, the company demonstrates its investment in its workforce and inspires retention and satisfaction.

Feed the Journey to Optimal Performance With an Employee Meal Program

Fitlife Foods has the winning formula for healthy living with our chef-crafted, calorie-smart meals thoughtfully prepared with high-quality ingredients. With a nutritious Mediterranean approach, our fresh, ready-to-eat meal solutions offer something for everyone - even picky eaters.

Our corporate lunch program focuses on wellness and offers your team just the right kind of nutrients to knock it out of the park each and every day.

Make health and well-being a part of your corporate culture today and feel the difference a good meal can make. Give us a few details about your needs in the form below, and we’ll get in touch with your customized employee meal solutions.

Let Us Design Your Ideal Employee Meal Program!

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